What Is An Orthodontist?

A dentist and an orthodontist are similar in many ways. They both deal with oral health. An orthodontist basically can do all the things that a dentist can do. An orthodontist can examine, diagnose and treat diseases of the mouth and especially the teeth. They can also fix teeth with putting or replacing the fillings on the teeth. They can also extract teeth if needed.

Orthodontist is a specialty under dentistry. It is a study that focuses on the bites of the patients. Before becoming an orthodontist, an individual would need to become a medical doctor of dentistry. This means four to five years of basic university study and two years of residency as a dentist. After becoming a dentist, another three years of university study is required and an intensive experience is also needed to be a licensed orthodontics.

Above all those things that dentists know, an orthodontist also learns how to fix bites. They are the ones who one would go to for a consult about problems in speech or chewing because of their bites. One can have an over bite, this is a problem where the upper teeth are pushed further outward that it does not meet that lower teeth. Another problem that can affect the articulation and chewing of a person is the under bite, this is where the lower teeth are pushed further outward over the upper teeth. Overcrowding of teeth is also a problem because the teeth would need to squeeze each other to fit in the jaw bone but due to this, some teeth grow side wards rather than facing the front. This can look ugly and an orthodontist will be able to fix this. In other cases, the appearance of the face is affected by how the teeth and the jaw are aligned. All these are usually fixed with some teeth extraction then with a use of retainers, braces or facial mask or head gear. This is basically what orthodontist can do for a patient.

If an individual is in the Whitton area and would need a dentist, the individual can use the keywords dentist Whitton on their search engines to find dentists in the area. This is one reason why patients would need to categorize what they are experiencing because choosing between a dentist and an orthodontist will depend on the patient’s complain.

As mentioned, both the dentist and the orthodontist are qualified medical dentists it is just that an orthodontists have more specialty than a dentist. If an individual is looking for an Orthodontist In Twickenham, there are some listed on the yellow pages and of course because of the technology, they can also be seen online. Experts suggest that people would need to research to be able to find a good one. There are websites that one can visit to find recommended doctors in the area. There are also websites that have a list of licensed practitioners and patients can check the names out here. People would have to remember that all orthodontists are dentist but not all dentists are orthodontists.

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