Benefits of Sports Massage for Athletes


Sports require a lot from the athletes. Along the way, the athletes encounter several conditions like knotted muscles, stiff necks, pulled muscles and others. In more severe cases, athletes could encounter injuries and may be compelled to seek the help of a physiotherapist. For the less severe musco-skeletal problems, however, athletes can rely on the help of sports massage.

How Does That Differ from a Traditional Massage?

Athletes have different circumstances than ordinary people. Their activities make sore many different muscle groups that non-athletes do not even exercise. This means that athletes need a special type of massage, and that is the sports massage. This type of massage is designed specifically to tailor to the athletes’ different needs, and targets specific muscle groups to improve range of movement and flexibility after a rigorous training week.

What Does the Massage Target?

This is the best thing about sports massage. The athlete is able to choose which muscles to target, depending on the type of sports and the exercise regimen that they observe as part of training. Thus, sports masseurs are trained to be able to target specific muscles and perform the appropriate massage therapy on those muscle groups to realize success in treatment of muscle pain.

What Can Athletes Expect From Sports Massage?

Sports massage as carried out at sports massage in north London is very beneficial to athletes. For example, the massage is able to improve performance. The athletes become more flexible. By hastening the post-exercise recovery period, the muscles in turn become stronger and, as time passes, do not succumb easily to exercise-induced fatigue. Because of that, the athlete’s endurance also improves and he becomes able to sustain longer periods of exercise. In addition, by increasing the athlete’s endurance for fatigue, the massage also makes exercise a lot safer and reduces the risk of fatigue-related accidents in the training area.

In fact, some masseuses and masseurs even claim that a 30-second massage on a fatigued muscle group was enough to improve hip movement in an athlete. Imagine the effects sports massage can have if it is done for at least half an hour. This means that doing it regularly can totally enhance the capabilities of any athlete, and boost their performance to Olympic-grade output.

When to Get Sports Massage?

A massage is necessary when the muscle has been used beyond fatigue. However, athletes reach that level more often than the ordinary person. If one exercises regularly and rigorously, then a message session for an hour after every two or three weeks should be an ideal interval. However, it would also depend on your fatigue level. If you get exhausted faster than most athletes, a massage once a week will probably be a good start.

Regular physical activity is great for the body, but the body also needs the chance and enough time to recover from fatigue and muscle soreness. Having sports massage at physiotherapist in north London regularly in conjunction with their training regimen is one good combination that every athlete should observe if they want to maximize their capabilities and their performance.

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